A staircase makes an exceptional addition to any home as it allows you to move from the ground floor to the top floor.

Well, if you want some great examples of staircases to use in your living space, Minecraft might be able to help.

In the game, players have been building different styled stair blocks in a wide selection of sizes. Today we are going to share some of these great designs with you.

Top 8 Minecraft Stair Ideas

Whether you want unique staircase designs to use in the game or perhaps in real life, we hope these Minecraft structures inspire you. One thing is sure the stair blocks are the most versatile to use.

You can change the look and feel of any building. So instead of using plain old steps, use the building materials and your crafting table to create your stairway.

Spiral Stairs To Wow You

spiral staircase

The spiral staircase must be one of the best stairs to use in a compact or small building. You can even use it in your treehouse. While the spiral stairs can be narrow or even far-flung, it all depends on your personal preference.

You will need to add a siding or a railing as you can easily fall off when you climb. So what required materials do you need? Well, you can use wood, clay bricks, quartz, cobblestone, sandstone, or nether brick. But if you are only starting with the game, make sure to check out this handy tutorial.

Grand Double Stair Blocks

grand double staircase

As seen in the picture, get busy on your crafting table in Minecraft to create these fantastic yet functional granite double staircases. The staircase has a two-set layout placed right next to each other. The example above is symmetrical, mainly leading to the exact location or floor.

You can use the stairs in large buildings or a mansion. Or you can place them at the entrance of your facility in your virtual world. Doing this creates an elegant atmosphere when guests enter your home.

You can decorate them with chandeliers or use a glass design to allow natural light to enter your living space. This Minecraft stair layout idea is the best, and you can decorate them with carpets, railings, slabs, and more.

Instead of a Spiral Staircase Use Flat Break Design

flat break design

As seen in the pictures, you can win the Minecraft game when you go slow and steady. So using a few flat breaks using stone or a slab is impressive yet efficient. Doing this entices people not only to go straight up. Whether your staircase makes turns or continues straight up, those breaks can add variation to your craft when built.

Modern Staircase

modern staircase

Okay, you must agree that modern is the in thing in any home. So add a floating staircase into your Minecraft home. You can use slabs to stack them diagonally by making them nearly touch each other. Then place two transparent walls next to the slabs.

Sprawling Slabs Design

Sprawling Slabs Design

There is no need to keep your staircases construction simplistic as you can use this idea to create steps using slabs. It is an overlooked block in the virtual world, but you can craft many things, even stairs.

You can add some personality to your build. For example, you can stagger the blocks around your staircase using different patterns. Then, use broken ones to give your stairs a pop of color, as seen in the picture.

Forget Spiral Staircases And Add Some Twist

minecraft stairs with a twist

Adding a few twists and turns into a staircase can add character to a build. However, staircases that run in a straight line feel boring. So instead, add a twist to make it more interesting. It will look great, but it provides easy movement without creating breaks to turn in a specific direction.

Create Water Staircase

minecraft water staircase

Just imagine walking on water stairs in real life. Well, in the virtual world of Minecraft, it is possible. You will step on water that does not make your feet wet. Using this creation will take your game to a new level. All we can say is WOW!

Garden Staircase Design

garden staircase

Another creative way to make the interior look lavish is using any of the above Minecraft stair design ideas and adding a garden along with it. Why not you can bring nature from the outside right into your living place to add a pop of color.

Final Thought

We hope the staircase images help you create your unique steps in your home. Use your imagination and go wild with the different materials available in the game. Let us know what you have come up with we would like to see.


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