A small courtyard garden can transform your cramped backyard into a lovely oasis. You can enjoy privacy, welcoming the sunlight with all the sides enclosed. Thus, your home will feel more spacious to bring the outside inside.

How To Do Landscaping For Small Yards

If you do not have a courtyard garden, you can add one for a wow factor to your outdoor living space. But how do you add drama with a courtyard? You can quickly create a garden to provide shelter with the following courtyard garden ideas.

Plan Your Landscape Architect

landscape architect

The first is to consider the sun’s orientation and how it enters/exits the garden and yard. If you have more entry points, you will use that space.

It does not matter what material you use. The important thing is the courtyard flooring needs to drain away from your home. So, before building one, also consider your privacy.

A practical solution is to make a partial canopy that extends with rafters from the roof.

Adding Your Courtyard Gardens to an Existing House Renovation

Are you planning a home renovation? Then make the courtyard garden part of the plan. You will find it does not add as many costs as you think.

For example, when making an extra bedroom, study, or garage, you can add another structure of 15 or even 20 feet leading from the home.

The only added costs are for one wall and a hallway to connect your new structure with your house. In addition, you can enclose your courtyard with a dense hedge or fence to create an outdoor bar.

Plan Your Courtyard Decorating Ideas With a View

Small yard with a view l Modlust

Yes, when it comes to courtyard garden tips, the view is essential. So, as you look through courtyard landscape designs, try to examine the view from all windows in the home, even the overhead ones.

Look at the view from the interior entering into the yard. If you have an attractive idea standing in the yard, you can even cut a window into the courtyard wall to frame it.

Doing this will make your space look bigger, connecting with the interior.

Consider Outdoor Small Courtyard Garden Design Ideas with Enclosed Walls

One great illusion is your courtyard looking as if it has four walls. This enclosure style is influenced by how the walls define it. You can still alter your walls to create the perfect setting you want.

For example, you do not want a closed-in appearance, and some fantastic tiny courtyard ideas are to use:

  • Low walls

  • Partially see-through fencing

  • Vine covered trellis

  • Hedge

Another outstanding modern courtyard garden idea is creating a DIY wall planter to fill with plants or herbs.

Or you can opt-in an open roof, retractable awning, or canopy for a bit more enclosure. But, again, the important thing is to let in light to make it look inviting with a temporary top for winter.

Looking At Your Landscaping for Small Courtyards

Courtyard design ideas l Modlust

When you look at the flooring, the best is to pick something more cohesive, fitting in with the exterior of your home and complementing the color. In addition, we recommend paying attention to how the sun moves over the space and considering how and when you will spend time in the courtyard.

If you love al fresco lunches while basking in the sun, the flooring must naturally absorb the heat to pass over the stone or your tiles. It helps to look at composite deck tiles or cement to retain heat for the best inspiration.

Another thing to consider with entry courtyard design ideas is the scale. With the roof absent, it can make the yard look more prominent. But when you group your chairs and tables, it creates a comfortable open patio but can feel cramped when walled in.

The same applies when selecting potted plants; having fewer than larger containers or a lot of little pots is better. As the air circulation is little, provide your plants with plenty of space for breathing to avoid mildew growth.

Amazing Courtyard Garden Ideas

Nothing is more captivating than courtyard gardens providing shelter outdoors and adding flair to a modern home.

You can become one with nature to create some feng shui with a personalized nature retreat to enjoy throughout the day.

The fantastic thing is you can explore so many different enclosed courtyard ideas. Here are some courtyard garden ideas that you can consider.

Small Courtyard Gardens Created Into a Living Room

Small Open Courtyard Garden Created Into a Living Room

Suppose you have a small yard, while a compact space can still become a place for socializing with friends and family. When doors open, you can make it part of the interior, creating a cozy, eclectic vibe.

You can define your patio furniture for lounging and dining with an overhead for adding laid-back feelings and looks to enhance the glow at night.

If you have the space available, add a water feature with a fire pit with window-like mirrors with bright colors to make it pop out when standing at your door.

Private Courtyard 

Private Courtyard Garden

While the sides are covered in a courtyard, neighbors can still overlook small spaces from the windows above. So, for more privacy, you can add a pergola to save precious flooring space in gardens.

You can opt for an adjustable awning with a sleek design. You can open and close it during summer or winter as needed.

Go for natural-hued shades by adding a wooden bench with sleek underfoot decking to bring a great vibe into your outdoor space.

Keep the borders painted in a pale shade and add some potted plants, but choose them carefully to add some splash of green color. Doing this creates a sense of privacy.

Small Courtyard Patio Ideas with Concrete and Plants

concrete courtyard with plants

If you have concrete partitions or a concrete floor to a wooden deck, you can place the right furniture in the layout by adding a sofa.

A corner sofa can match the stool for entertaining guests with a coffee table set in the middle.

Add some splash of color with accessories and paint the division white to brighten up your enclosed yard. You can grow greenery upward to soften the walls or a fence.

Creating height with your vertical climbing plants like jasmine, clematis, or honeysuckle provides color to a dull wall.

Outdoor Courtyard Design Ideas With Statement Foliage

small courtyard with plants

Where space is limited, add a dramatic effect with a container and pots, making it easier to grow your plant. A paved courtyard makes digging hard, and containers are the way to go. In addition, you can extend your vegetation vertically for inspiration.

Use a tall outdoor plant in colorful pots in different shades to make a statement for some green space. These colorful planter pots even work great with a decked area. With varying heights, your vegetation will stand out to give small spaces a pop of color.

House Courtyard Ideas With Neutral Colors

small courtyard with garden

Regarding courtyard landscaping for small yards, the best is to limit your shades, keeping them neutral. You can add colorful textiles to fit in with a white wall, adding throws and soft cushions with an outdoor rug.

Add a statement piece to create a diversion, and it adds a personality to your space. You can choose a Greek God, Hermes planter, to take the attention away from the small dimension to give it that wow factor.

Plant grass in your inspired planter to make it look like it grows hair. Preferably, also keep to two colors added to your greenery in dove grey or cool tones of lavender with white.

Use Recycled with New Materials

courtyard with recycled materials and new

Instead of investing in new furniture pieces to add style to your courtyard, why not recycle your old patio pieces by giving them a new color and adding new materials like cushions for comfort? Providing your old furniture with a new color looks brand new without spending a fortune.

You can even paint your furnishings the same color as your kitchen if it leads out to the yard to give it the sense of inviting the outdoors inside and vice versa. Even a water feature in the corner with greenery will become the yard’s focal point.

Enclosed Courtyard With a Terrace

small courtyard with wall decorations

Whether you have a garden fence or wall, you can give it a modern touch with hanging panels, adding just that decorative touch to your garden.

The space will look great with a daybed and seating; you can leave it outside as a stand-alone or pushed up against the wall, transforming it into a sofa.

One thing is for sure: with a metal screen in the form of a tree, it will look great. It will give you a sense of nature. The metal fences used as a screen also give it a rustic feel.

Layered Look Courtyard Gardens

layered courtyard

Layering courtyards into different zones makes your place look and feel great. For example, you can create a second area for seating separated from the dining area outside. You can opt for built-in seating as it is super space-saving, and by placing slimline benches, you can stow away under the table.

Or you can use multi-functional pieces doubling up as a side table to hold your greenery and other accessories. Still, do not forget a plant or a few planted around the area to add some green to your living space.

Courtyard With Wooden Deck and Pool

courtyard with wooden deck and pool

No one said you could not add a pool in the courtyard to leisure around in summer. You can add a wooden deck and hot tub in the corner to unwind after work. The feature will stand out when guests visit.

You can add a splash pool, making it part of the garden.

If you have the space, you can add a fire pit for the cold nights. All it comes down to is to place them in the right place with enough room to move around.

You can even add stone to form a rockery with a plant or two filled up in the bare spaces.

Enclose Courtyard Below Big Trees

enclosed courtyard below big trees

If you already have an enormous fig tree or any other tree in the section you want to create a courtyard, why not make the tree part of the scenery?

You can use the tree as a canopy for shade and place your chairs underneath the huge branches to create a tropical feel to relax throughout the day.

Final Thought

As you can see, a courtyard is just what you need to create an ideal outdoor spot for privacy.

Whether you love rustic or modern, you can make a perfect spot to entertain using the right furniture, greenery, fences, and other accessories to create a place outside your house to relax.

We hope the tips above inspire you to make a leisurely outdoor spot today.


Frequently Asked Questions

One way is to use mirrors or reflective surfaces to form an illusion of depth and space. Another way is to use vertical elements such as hanging planters or trellises to draw the eye upward and make the space feel taller.

Plants with a narrow or upright growth habit, such as grasses or columnar trees, can help maximize space. Plants with colorful foliage or interesting textures can add visual interest to a small space. Herbs and vegetables can be grown in containers to provide fresh produce while taking up minimal space.

Using tall plants or trees can help construct a natural screen. Installing a trellis or fence can also provide privacy while adding visual interest to the space. Using curtains or outdoor shades can form a cozy and private atmosphere.

Built-in seating, such as benches or low walls, can maximize space while providing a place to sit. Folding chairs or stools can be stored away when not in use. Using cushions or pillows on the ground can create a casual and comfortable seating area.

Several ways to transform a courtyard garden include adding shelter, considering the sun’s orientation, and selecting appropriate flooring. You can also add a dense hedge or fence to construct an outdoor bar or a partial canopy that extends with rafters from the roof.

Firstly, consider the sun’s orientation and how it enters/exits the garden and yard. If you have more entry points, you will use that space effectively. Secondly, you can complete the illusion of a larger space using low walls, partially see-through fencing, vine-covered trellises, or hedges. You can also create a DIY wall planter to fill with greenery or herbs outside the house.


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